External Wall Insulation is a long term solution, but what else can you do in the mean time to insulate your home and save money?

There are multiple ways to insulate your home yourself, without too much effort and without delving too far into your wallet. With a little creativity and DIY, you can have your home toasty and warm in no time!

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External Wall Insulation

Many External Wall Insulation (EWI) manufacturers offer a range of colours that pretty much satisfy every consumer requirement. Some are ‘run of the mill’ some more extravagant but all are essentially chosen to the liking of the homeowner based on the appearance they wish their property to have.

However colour is only the starting point, the manner in which that colour is then introduced to the project and via what means is the really clever bit. Over the years, the technology behind External Wall Insulation topcoats has changed a lot, with many considering mineral based topcoats as the first recognisable standard. However these topcoats were not without their drawbacks as they required two equalising coats of paint to ensure some colour stability and resistance and algae and fungal attack.

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